Roasting Peppers to Remove the Skin

This is a simple and fast way to remove the skin off of peppers.

Over an open flame, place the peppers you wish to have the skin removed from.

Cook the peppers until the skin is completely charred and black, try your best to not leave any spots uncharred (is that even a word?)

Once the peppers are completely roasted, immediately place them into a plastic bag and seal it tightly. Wait approximately 5-10 minutes then removed from the bag.

Cut the top of the pepper off, and make a cut from the top to the bottom to open the pepper up.

Next, open the pepper up, pull out the seeds and membranes, which should come out easily.

Next, flip over the pepper so that the charred side is showing, using a knife scrape off any charred or black areas. If you didn’t completely char your peppers you will have difficulty doing this.

The peppers are ready for whatever you have in mind in for them.

But just a reminder, please do not rinse the peppers in an attempt to clean them, scraping the charred skin is sufficient, washing the peppers will do nothing but diminish the flavor and smoke.

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