Today I decided to order sushi for dinner from a place called Miyako in Margate, New Jersey.

I ordered 2 Tempura Maki rolls, 1 Boston Roll and 1 East roll.

First up:

For those who are sushi illiterate, This roll consists of Tempura fried shrimp, this is the first time I’ve ever had it with lettuce, kinda strange, as it has a crunch. this is my favorite type of sushi. I give it 8/10, even though it had the lettuce in it.

next up is the East Roll and the Boston Roll:

The Sushi on the left is the East Roll. It’s ingredients include cucumber, avocado, eggs, cooked shrimp and it has caviar on the outside. Overall, i’d give it 3/10. I hated the taste and it wasn’t constructed well, and each piece fell apart when i attempted to pick it up.

The sushi on right is the Boston roll. Its ingredients include Boston lettuce, cooked shrimp and cucumber. Overall i’d give it 7/10, even though again, it was constructed poorly and fell apart, it tasted very good.




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