Ten Things I Am Loving Right Now

10. Twining’s Brand Earl Grey Tea – This stuff is amazing. I read once from a favorite tumblr of mine that Earl Grey Tea tasted like liquid fruit loops. Naturally I disregarded this is baloney. But believe me, that statement is neither Baloney or any other processed meat product.

9. Chicken Ranch Wraps with Bacon and Cucumber – I know, what’s cucumber doing with chicken and bacon!? I don’t really know how or why, but it just works, and it tastes amazing.

8. The Black Keys, El Camino – I love this album, Most of the guitar riffs and beats sound old school.  Tracks Lonely Boy, Gold on the Ceiling and Sister are songs that really mellow me out.

7. Pinterest – This is mostly a ladies only type thing, but I love pictures, and I love looking at the Men’s apparel sections for clothing ideas. Now if i was only a bit thinner..

6. Vintage Watches – I have Pinterest to blame for this, There is an good amount of style going on there, most revolve around vintage watches. Which I just found out are amazing.

5.  Cream of Wheat – I usually eat this in the morning, sweetened with honey, thinned out with almond milk, and mixed in with cinnamon and raisins. Also usually have a few pieces of buttered toast.

4. Sunflower Seeds – Nothing help passes the time at work more than chomping down on these things. Sadly, I cant eat many without needing a large amount of water. Darn Salt

3.  Disney – I have a Mickey Mouse tea cup My wife and I purchased from Disneyland HK. I use it exclusively for Tea. I’m loving this tumblr right now: http://simpledisneythings.com/

2. Chewy Candies – Mike and Ikes, Dots, Jelly Beans, Sour Patch Kids. They are horrible for my teeth, but I can’t resist a great chewy candy. 🙂

1. My Wife – I Love her with all of my heart and soul, as always. Her Birthday just passed, and she is still just as amazing as when I first met her.


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