10 movies that involve food

Before I met my amazing, and beautiful wife, I wasn’t really into movies. I let many, movies I was interested in go unwatched.

However, she changed me, showed me that movies are worth watching with someone else who enjoys them. We have a ritual when we eat dinner that we watch a movie. Now, every time I cook a decent meal, I need to watch a movie with it. Thanks Jacq. 😛

The movies listed below are not specifically centered around food, but have either an amazing food scene in them, or involve food.

The List..

1. Goodfellas. I hope you were not expecting something else to be here. This is number one, because of 2 reasons: The prison scene, where they are slicing garlic with a razor and the ending sequence with Henry Hill and his gravy.

2. Ratatoulle – Come on, it’s a movie about a rat that cooks better than most humans, sure, it’s unrealistic, but it’s a great story, and I love it.

3. Spanglish – This is Adam Sandler at his best, plus, he has inspired me to create his sandwich on multiple occasions.

4. Julie and Julia – I watched this movie on a plane coming back from The Philippines. I loved every moment of it.

5. The last Supper- I’m not normally into movies of the political genre, but this movie was memorable for me. It center’s around the dinner table, and some of the best tomatoes anyone has ever grown.

6. Eat, Drink, Man, Woman (Tortilla Soup) – The movies revolves around big family, Sunday Dinners, which I hope my family will evolve into someday.

7. Stand By Me – The pie eating contest, I seen this at a young age, and it’s never left my mind.

8. Inglourous Basterds – I’ve never witnessed a man enjoy his strudel more than this fellow right here.

9. No Reservations (Mostly Martha) – This is a feel good type of movie, but it’s a good movie.

10. Tampopo (The Ramen Girl) – Every Scene in this movie involves food.

Special mentions..

  • Wu Xia (dragon) – Almost every scene involves food in some form.
  • The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence – I could only dream of a steak that freaking big.
  • Iron Monkey – When they are cooking noodles with the guest.
  • Once Upon a time in mexico – Jonny Depp talking about eating and taking about puerco pibil. (added bonus, there is a 10 minute instructional video of how to make it on the video)
  • Old Boy – The pot stickers scene.
  • Return of the king – When denathor is gorging on food and pippin is singing to him.
  • Chocolat – The whole movie.

~I pulled all of the photos from Google Image Search, so if you find that one of these photo’s belongs to you, just email me, and I will remove it, or give you credit for it!~


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