Ten things I always keep stocked.

I’m not going to lie.
I am one of those guys who enjoys reading and creating lists. I’m not sure if that scores me cool points with anyone. I’m gonna guess no. But none the less, I’m going to attempt to include lists in this blog as a bi-monthly event. I’m sure I can create plenty of lists, the question is will anyone agree with me?

  •  10.) Ketchup: In my world, ketchup goes on everything. Beyond being a condiment, I’ve wielded ketchup in many different ways. Example: Pulled Pork and a famous beans recipe I’ll make here eventually.
  •  9.) Mayonnaise: Another condiment made the list, but are you surprised? Just like #10, you can use mayo for many, many applications. I’ve taught my wife a wonderfully tasting marinade using it. And it make the best grilled cheese sandwich I’ve ever had. (before sauteing, slather some on the outside of the bread)
  •  8.) Worcestershire Sauce: I keep this around mostly for shepherds pie and beans. However, this sauce can be used in just about any chicken or beef recipe.
  •  7. ) Wine (red or white): I’m italian, gimme a break here! I keep wine around not really for drinking (although with spaghetti and meatballs, I might drink some) but for giving a recipe a bit of a grown-up feel. You don’t know what I mean? Add some Cabernet to your spaghetti sauce.
  •  6.) Balsamic Vinegar: Balsamic is sweeter than white vinegar, and has a more complex flavor. I love this in marinades and salad dressings.
  •  5.) Thyme: This is my favorite herb to use, I love the fragrance and the taste of it. You can use it in just about anything savory and I’d put this in my cereal and milk if I wasn’t lactose intolerant!
  •  4.) Red pepper flakes: This is a great way in incite some heat into your recipe without going nuclear (I’m looking at you Chipotle peppers) The longer the flakes cook, the deeper the heat becomes.
  •  3.) Olive Oil: I use it for everything I cook, with the one exception of deep-frying. (due to it’s low smoke point, i don’t use it to deep fry.) Also, Olive oil is a smarter choice among oils for cooking, It’s healthier for you.
  •  2.) Black peppercorns: I’ve said this ingredient many times on my blog. “Freshly Cracked Black Pepper” Use it, it makes a huge difference in your flavoring and seasonings. Not only that, but cranking the grinder takes out some frustration! hahaha
  • 1.) Salt: This is something that not everyone likes, It’s controversial, it’s scandalous. But I am not everyone. I LOVE salt. I own roughly 5 kinds of salt right now, and use them all. Yes, it’s bad for me, I know. But i don’t think food tastes the same without it.
Thoughts? Violent reactions? Praise?

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  1. pinksocks says:

    Good one there.

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