Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Parmesan.

This is a dish usually consisting of breaded chicken, covered in tomato sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese and baked.

Sadly, there isn’t a great history of this Italian dish. In fact. It’s namesake is misleading. Parmagiana means “from Parma” however, this is not a Parma recipe. It’s actually from southern Italy.

To start, Misenplace:

Rinse and pound your chicken breasts to about 1 inch thickness.

Next, In a large dish or pan add 1 cup of breadcrumbs, 3/4 cups of grated Parmesan cheese, sea salt, freshly cracked black pepper and thyme. In a separate dish, crack 2 eggs and beat thoroughly.

Now were gonna play everyone’s favorite game! it’s called; “try to bread chicken without ending up with a gummy hand of breadcrumbs and egg”.

The way we’re going to avoid this, is use one hand to pick up the raw chicken and dip it into the egg mixture and use the other hand to coat the eggy chicken in breadcrumbs. This actually worked, my hands didn’t become a gloved, gummy disaster.

Heat a large saute pan with olive oil and allow the oil to warm up until you see the oil rippling when the pan is tilted. Carefully place half of your chicken and saute for about 4 minutes.

After 4 minutes or so, carefully turn your chicken over and cook for another 4 minutes. When your chicken is golden brown on both sides, remove to paper towels and allow to drain.

Open your jar of spaghetti sauce and cover the bottom of the of a baking dish. Add your chicken, making sure to space them out evenly.

Time to add some cheese! I chose mozzarella, because I like how it tastes with tomato sauce.

Bake in a 350* oven for about 30 minutes. be careful to watch this closely, if the sauce burns, you’ll be sad.

What to do for 30 minutes? Watch AMC of course! I watched Arthur while waiting, it was my favorite scene, the battle on the ice. After your 30 minutes are up, remove the chicken from the oven.

I served this with my Penne Puttanesca, after tasting it, I think a different sauce would be better, perhaps a chicken ragu.

Some Notes:

  • I love Classico brand tomato sauce, the sweet basil is perfect for this.
  • I used free range chicken breasts, and cut them into strips.
  • This was amazingly good, the chicken was tender and soaked up the sauce.
  • This recipe is from, kind of a homage of sorts.

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  1. this made me hungry! haha! 🙂

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