Apple Cake, the Bane of my existence.

I’ve tried two times to make an apple cake, and so far I’ve failed to make a great apple cake.

My first attempt ended up a little something like this:

As you can see, the cake looks good. However, the bottom is charred beyond existence. I could have skipped this cake across the pond/lake if I tried.

So, if you know me well enough, I do not accept defeat so easily. In the spirit of trying to correct a problem, I chose another apple cake recipe and decided to try again.

To start:

Misenplace! (I always imagine a burly french chef yelling it)

Peel, core, chop your apples, sprinkle some lemon juice on them and toss them to coat. The lemon juice will prevent them from browning due to oxidation. Next, sprinkle 1 tablespoon of cinnamon and about 3 tablespoons of sugar and toss again.

Preheat your oven to 350*

Grease your 9X13 cake pan with your grease of choice.

Now to start our recipe were going to measure 2 cups of sugar and 1 cup of vegetable oil. Combine in a large mixing bowl, then add 2 eggs (one at a time) making sure to thoroughly mix in the eggs each time.

Now add 2 cups of all-purpose flour, 1 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder, 1 teaspoon each of salt and cinnamon. 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

When I did this, the mixture became extremely thick and dense. I had to add another egg just to be able to stir it.

Now add the apples and mix until combined.

Pour the cake batter into your greased cake pan and level it out.

Sprinkle the top with one whole bag of Nestle’s Butterscotch chips.

Bake for 55 minutes.

Remove from oven and place on rack to cool.

After the cake is cooled, remove a nice sized chunk (for tasting purposes, of course). Next, drizzle your caramel sauce on top, and place a large dollop of whipped cream on top. Also, a cup of milk would be beneficial for you, considering how rich this is.

  • The toothpick method will be ineffective for checking doneness on this particular recipe because of the gooey topping. I believe this is where i went wrong on both recipes.
  • I used Golden Delicious apples for both recipes for consistency.
  • the cake batter was very thick, I’m not sure why.
  • I used a bottle caramel sauce but I suspect that homemade caramel sauce would be much, much better.
  • I actually ended up cooking my cake for one hour and 20 minutes, but I was using the toothpick method, and the darn thing kept coming out wet.
  • This credit goes to It’s her recipe and it’s gooooood.

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