Curried Chicken..salad?

Not sure if the added leaves make this look corny..

Yes, you read that correctly. This recipe is a Chicken salad with curry powder in it. But wait, it gets just a bit weirder, It also has dried cranberries in it!!

This is another one of those recipes that is sentimental and dear to our hearts. It has a long history in our relationship, starting a few years back when we first met.

Start out once again with that word..Misenplace. I’m telling you, it’ll make your life much, much easier.

For this recipe we’ll chop the scallions (just a fancy word for green onions) and green apples (I like skin on) Next, is the celery, which I minced. I also rolled my limes a few times on the counter top and I sliced them in half, it’ll make it easier to squeeze them.

Lots of green in this chicken salad.

I put a medium pan on the stove top, filled it with water, 1.5 pounds of chicken breast, salt, pepper and thyme. Cook the chicken on low temperature. This shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.

I boiled some water in a tea kettle and soaked the dried cranberries to bring them back to life.

In a large bowl, I combined the chopped vegetables, apples, cranberries, juice of 1 lime, and mixed until combined. I roughly chopped up the chicken and added it also.

The cranberries add a nice contrast to all of the "green" in the recipe.

I added 1 1/2 cups of Hellman’s mayonaise (none of that Kraft/Miracle Whip here, please) and 2 tablespoons of curry powder. I always go by taste with the curry powder, sometimes I feel like adding more/less depending on my mood.

What a difference mayonnaise and curry makes!

Taste, adjust seasonings taking notice I didn’t tell you to salt and pepper the mixture until now.

I like eating my chicken salad on wheat bread, but you can use anything you want: newspaper, crackers, a plate, the get the idea.

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